Welcome to HUMID Vol. 7

It’s a new semester, and a new academic year, and the staff of HUMID 7 are thrilled to welcome you to the literary community at SFA.  We are so proud of the Creative Writing program, of all that has been, and is being accomplished, through the dedicated faculty who are inspiring SFA students to become better, more motivated, more skillful, and more fearless writers. There’s something pretty special about a group of writers, sharing their work and reading others’ around the table in Ferguson 177, and we are excited to see what amazing things come out of the workshops of Fall 2014.

HUMID, as a literary journal, is an important part of the community of writers and readers here at SFA, and we hope, in Nacogdoches as well. Writing is a sharing of stories, a giving of words between those who inspire them, write them, and read them. HUMID endeavors to nurture and celebrate that sharing, to spread the passion for the written word that has the power to captivate and change so many. Will you join us in that endeavor?

Please consider submitting your work for publication in HUMID 7; submit your fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or art. We are eager to read what you have to share.


The staff of HUMID 7


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